Material Science

Custom Formulated to Your Specifications

With more than five decades of advanced material science expertise, EGC Critical Components has the experience and knowledge of developing custom solutions tailored to your specific application. Our experts have in-depth experience with hundreds of materials, from elastomers to advanced fluoropolymers and thermoplastics. EGC’s proprietary formulations enable high performance composite components that deliver reliable bonding results.

Developing Advanced Materials

Continuous investment in material development ensures implementation of the latest achievements and technical progress in material science. Our facilities are instrumental in developing specialized proprietary formulations.

Our solutions begin with multidiscipline experts at our robust product laboratory and testing facility. Located on the same campus as our manufacturing center to foster a fully cross-discipline culture, our laboratory is a powerful resource for innovation and success.

Ensuring Material Properties

EGC’s laboratory facilities validate quality from the start by confirming the specifications of all materials. For applications where even the smallest variance can produce unacceptable results, this step ensures that critical performance standards are consistently met.

Material Traceability

Our record keeping standards allow for full material traceability. Every batch of material is identifiable from all the products in which they are used. This allows us to know exactly which material ingredients are used in each order shipped. From pellets, powders and fibers to finished product – we understand exactly what is inside our products.

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