OptiSeal® and OptiVee®

OptiSeal® and OptiVee® seals and packing systems are energized seals that provide reliable, low- friction sealing solutions. They come in a variety of profiles and materials; each specifically manufactured to address your individual application.

The basic design of the OptiSeal consists of a U-shaped jacket made from an inert thermoplastic. It’s then energized by a compressed V-shaped metal spring or O-shaped elastomer. The seal’s performance in extreme temperature, pressure, and media make it an ideal choice for severe- service sealing.


A back-up auxiliary device is made from stronger material than used for the seal. Therefore, the back-up device prevents extrusion of the seal, allowing use of the seal at higher pressures and temperatures.

Packing Designs

OptiVee packing assemblies are specifically designed for conditions requiring redundant sealing surfaces. By utilizing the design benefits of OptiSeal systems, a more robust product is developed for application in the extreme conditions found in:

  • High-pressure ranges
  • Large extrusion gaps
  • Dynamic conditions
  • Potential misalignment
  • Rough surface finishes