Difficult applications are our expertise, including high pressures and temperatures, corrosion, friction, and wear. EGC Critical Components prides itself on being the leader of custom-engineered polymer components for performance-critical pumps, valves, and gas compressors. From material analysis to plastic flow modeling, EGC boasts a wide range of solutions.



Decades of Pump Component Expertise

For nearly 60 years, EGC Critical Components has served as the industry leader in designing and manufacturing custom critical pump components. Materials expertise is what sets us apart, delivering innovative solutions that have evolved from our customers’ reliability needs, and ultimately leading to greater pump reliability and longer service of life.

Interfacing directly with API 610 centrifugal pump OEMs, repair facilities, and end users, we offer quick turnaround design solutions.

Cost-Performance Value

As experts in applying high-performance thermoplastic materials, we produce critical pump components that extend the life of your pump application. Our onsite engineering team will partner with clients to develop solutions to an exact specification.

As specialists in designing, creating, and manufacturing pump components, our solutions deliver results.

  • Increased reliability
  • Decreased pump vibration
  • Decreased mechanical seal vibration
  • Reduced downtime during repairs
  • Tighter clearances and increased pump efficiency
  • Ability to handle intermittent dry-running conditions without galling
  • Lower coefficient of friction
  • Improved performance
  • Materials with inherent lubricity

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Engineered High-Performance Sealing Solutions for Demanding Valves

For nearly 60 years, our experienced engineers have designed and manufactured components for a variety of valves: butterfly, ball, gate, globe, check, control, and pressure relief.

EGC products and solutions help clients achieve long-term value through extended wear, improved performance and operating range, greater reliability, and engineering assistance to improve manufacturability.

Valve Components for Extreme Conditions

EGC has the experience, expertise, and technology to ensure your most critical parts meet your performance requirements. Our highly-engineered sealing solutions perform in some of the most demanding valve applications, including:

  • Cryogenic liquid natural gas (LNG)
  • High pressure high temperature (HPHT)
  • Subsea
  • Low fugitive emissions

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Thermoplastic Components for Over 50 Years

Compressor components have been an integral part of the EGC Critical Components product portfolio for over five decades. Our experts directly interface with compressor OEMs to design, engineer, and manufacture customized components and seals for reciprocating air and gas compressors.

Custom Compounding and Quick Turnaround

At EGC, we control our materials from the start, which decreases customer lead time and allows for an efficient manufacturing process. Our capabilities include in-house material blending and testing which enable EGC to develop proprietary blends that fit your individual application needs and enhance the performance of all types of gas compressors.

Our in-house capabilities enable us to maintain stringent traceability controls throughout every stage of manufacturing – from compounding materials to finished products – and these records are preserved throughout the product life cycle.

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Specialized Applications

Solutions Spanning Multiple Industries

EGC designs and manufactures thermoplastic components for a variety of industries. Each market demands specific requirements from the products they use, and EGC is the preferred partner in helping customers design and manufacture critical-use components.

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