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SigmaSeal® Sealing System

SigmaSeal® was designed as a self-energizing seal that eliminates the need for adjustable glands or live loading. The unique design of the seal separates the media from the enclosed end of the seal jacket protecting the expander from any corrosive environment.

It is particularly well suited for applications requiring good sealability against media that cannot tolerate exposure to metal or elastomeric energizers found in conventional seals.

The design responds to slight changes in pressure and regulates seal interference to control friction. The SigmaSeal system automatically adjusts for wear, misalignment, and service irregularities.

A variety of proprietary materials is utilized to ensure sealing reliability in pressure/ temperature extremes, hostile chemicals, and high-purity applications.

Benefits include:

  • Low friction
  • Reduced fugitive emissions
  • Application in hostile chemical environments
  • Broad temperature range capabilities

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SigmaSeal® Packing (Product Bulletin)
SigmaSeal® Packing (Product Bulletin A4 Format)

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