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Utilizing the unique properties of fluoroplastics for high-purity applications, EGC developed a new containment system for biopharmaceutical and electronic packaging. This technology is specifically designed for the sterile containment of high-value liquids and powders which require vessels made of non-leaching, robust materials.

By way of a new process, EGC can provide high-purity, sterilizable, fluoropolymer containers in sizes up to four liters and in thicknesses of 9 - 30 mils. The containers are thin-walled, durable, optically clear, and can be produced quickly for high-volume needs. The temperature tolerance in hot (176°C) and cold (-109°C) environments demonstrates the inherent quality of fluoroplastics.

Products are custom-designed to suit any number of applications in collecting, storing, and/or dispensing any high-value liquid or powder. Possible applications for this disposable solution include:

  • Infection control in laboratory products
  • Containment of surgical equipment
  • Specimen collection
  • Product measurement
  • Transportation
  • Asepsis and surgical preparation of medical devices
  • As a liner inside another container of lower purity material

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