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dures® - Polymers for Pump Applications

The dures® brand of materials are proprietary thermoplastic polymer composites developed specifically for the manufacture of bushings, bearings, shaft sleeves and wear rings in pumps handling a wide range of liquids including those that contain solid matter.  dures provides outstanding chemical, thermal shock and impact resistance, with a temperature range of 150˚F up to 550˚F. dures materials provide a far better wear performance than many other materials such as rubber or bronze.

dures® provides outstanding performance and durable wear characteristics combining excellent abrasive resistance, dry run capability and superior vibration dampening with negligible hydrolysis or swell. Pump operators using dures materials are able to operate their equipment with tighter clearances, improving and boosting efficiency. dures A451 and dures XPC2 meet the standards of API 610 for stationary wear or rotating parts applications.

The dures® Advantage

  • Temperature range operate exceptionally in various abrasive applications
  • Lower war in abrasive media, improving pump performance and reliability compared with traditional bearing materials
  • Prevents unplanned downtime caused by excessive vibration or dry-run startup
  • Straightforward to machine and install to precise dimensions
  • The lifetime of mechanical seals and pumps are extended due to dures materials outstanding vibration dampening
  • Lower coefficient of friction provides versatility in differing pump conditions
  • Excellent intermittent dry run capability, low impact and wear resistance
  • Negligible hydrolysis and or swell in water applications

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