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Because of our legacy in material development and engineering design, we have introduced several specialty products to the market. These product brands are recognized in the market for their quality and performance.

dures® - Polymers for Pump Applications

The dures® brand of materials are proprietary thermoplastic polymer composites developed specifically for the manufacture of bushings, bearings, shaft sleeves and wear rings in pumps handling a wide range of liquids including those that contain...

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Fibrex® Bearings

Fibrex® material are specifically designed for bearings. They consist of a unique fabric weave of PTFE/ Glass fibers which is bonded to a stainless-steel backing with a durable adhesive. The PTFE fibers provide extremely low friction while the glass...

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OptiSeal® and OptiVee®

OptiSeal® and OptiVee® seals and packing systems are energized seals that provide reliable, low- friction sealing solutions. They come in a variety of profiles and materials; each specifically manufactured to address your individual...

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SigmaSeal® System

SigmaSeal® was designed as a self-energizing seal that eliminates the need for adjustable glands or live loading. The unique design of the seal separates the media from the enclosed end of the seal jacket protecting the expander from any corrosive...

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Utilizing the unique properties of fluoroplastics for high-purity applications, EGC developed a new containment system for biopharmaceutical and electronic packaging. This technology is specifically designed for the sterile containment of high-value...

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