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Customized Components and Seals for Valves

Valve packing

Our experienced engineers have designed and manufactured components for a variety of valves:  butterfly, ball, gate, globe, check, control, and pressure relief.

EGC products and solutions help clients achieve long-term value through extended wear, improved performance and operating range, greater reliability, and engineering assistance to improve manufacturability.

We manufacture a variety of valve components including:

  • Valve seats
    • Machined valve seats
    • Injection molded plastic seats
    • Plastic over molded metal seats
    • Rubber seats
    • Rubber bonded to plastic/metal seats
  • Packing and seals
    • Engineered stem packing
    • Seat seals
    • Actuator seals
    • V-Packing
    • Back-up rings
    • Spring-energized
    • Custom sealing solutions
  • Wear products
    • Bearings
    • Thrust washers
  • Diaphragms
  • Over molded/lined PTFE (PFA) components
  • PTFE and thermoplastic liners
  • Polymer valve components
    • Valve shafts
    • Balls
    • Thermoplastic bodies

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