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Customized Components and Seals for Compressors

Piston rings

Compressors components have been an integral part of the EGC product line-up for over five decades. 

We design and manufacture custom components 

We work brainstorm with our customers to solve their most complex challenges

Our engineering team directly interfaces directly with compressor OEMs and offers design assistance for complex applications such as rider bands, piston rings, and packing sets. For under resourced customers, we can engineer those specific parts for the OEM.

Our expertise is in thermoplastic bearing and seal design and manufacturing.

Custom compounding and quick turnaround are important

By providing the best solution for each application that extends the compressor's life. Making it more reliable. We also provide fast turn-around because downtime costs you money.

We manufacture a variety of compressor components including:

  • Bearings and rider bands
  • Piston rings
  • Packing sets
  • PEEK poppets

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